Burning Fan Soundscapes

Composed by John Scott G

Performed by The G-Man

Songs, tones and beats that speed you to the far corners of your mind. Kind of like Crystal Method meets Booker T & the MGs.

—Synths triggered by guitars
—Guitars played through synths
—The infamous Chill Orchestra & Choir
—Sonics from within the earth
—Percussion that moves your hips

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John Scott G plays Minarik Guitars. Samhain (left) & Inferno (right).
All photo-illustrations by Phil Hatten Design.
Tracks on the Album:
1 Uniquetown, USA
2 Sandstorm of Glass
3 Serpent in a Pin Stripe Suit
4 The Bolero Challenge
5 Keyboard Flavor Monkey

6 Pleasure in the Chaos
7 Tribalism Tones
8 Barter, Baby, Barter
9 Lovemaking Montage
10 Sonics of Science
11 Industrial Dark & Magic
12 Boptrance
13 When Fire Touches Starlight
14 Purity of the Molecules

All songs (C) John Scott G 2007 Golosio Publishing/BMI


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